Jeep Front Rear Bumpers Accessories

Stubby Replacement Bumper

Steelcraft’s New Wrangler Stubby Bumper was designed with the Jeep enthusiast in mind…specifically those that want minimal bumpers, but want to keep the rugged and functional look. This bumper is winch, 20” LED Light bar, and Shackle ready and has the ability to keep factory fog lights. E-Coated and Powder Coated for maximum rust prevention


  • Winch, 20" LED Light bar, and Shackle ready
  • Retain your factory fog lights
  • E-coated and powder coated for maximum protection against the elements
  • 2 year warranty
  • Front protection

Make Years Part# Image Image Guide
Jeep Front
Wrangler JK/JL/JT Gladiator Full Width 07-20 70-92600
Wrangler JK/JL/JT Gladiator Stubby 07-20 70-92620
Jeep Rear
Wrangler JL Full Width 18-20 65-92510
Wrangler JK Full Width 07-18 65-92500
Wrangler JL Mid Width 18-20 65-92530
Gladiator Full Width 2020 65-92540
Wrangler JK Bumper Mounted Tire Carrier 07-18 65-92500TC
Wrangler JL Spare Tire Relocation Kit with Tailgate Reinforcement 18-20 92002TC
Wrangler JK/18-20 Wrangler JL Trailer Hitch 07-18 92101
Rocker Armor Steps
Wrangler JL Unlimited 18-20 80-22303T
Wrangler JK Unlimited 07-18 80-21903T
Gladiator 2020 80-22343T
HD Sidesteps
Wrangler JL Unlimited 18-20 80-22300T
Wrangler JK Unlimited 07-18 80-21901T
Gladiator 2020 80-22340T
Aluminum Roof Basket
Wrangler JL/JT Gladiator 18-19 Call
Wrangler JK Unlimited 07-18 Call
Front Fender Flares
Wrangler JK *Call for availabilty 07-18 92300
Wrangler JL/JT Gladiator 18-20 92320
Rear Fender Flares
Wrangler JK Unlimited 4 Door *Call for availability 07-18 92310
Wrangler JL Unlimited 4 Door 18-20 92330
Gladiator 2020 92340
Front Fender Liners
Wrangler JK *Call for availabilty 07-18 92305
Wrangler JL/JT Gladiator 18-20 92325
Rear Fender Liners
Wrangler JK Unlimited 4 Door *Call for availability 07-18 92315
Wrangler JL Unlimited 4 Door 18-20 92335
Gladiator 2020 92345

Jeep Replacement Doors

New from Steelcraft

Steelcraft’s New Wrangler JL Replacement Doors are one of the many new items for the JL & JK. The doors are constructed of 1.25” tubing for strength and come equipped with a Heavy Duty Striker Latch that will be durable and dependable for many years to come. Also, Steelcraft Doors allow you to utilize the OE Mirrors with a simple 3 bolt installation, keeping your safety features available and functional. Designed for everyone from the enthusiast to the everyday driver who’s looking for the thrill of getting in the wind and seeking adventure!

Make Year Part# Guide Image
Wrangler JK 07-18 92200
Wrangler JL 18-20 92220
Wrangler JL Unlimited (4Dr) 18-20 92230
Wrangler JK Unlimited (4Dr) 07-18 92210