"Very satisfied with my Steelcraft nerf bars on my 2018 Ram quad cab. Installation was straight forward (took about 2 hrs.), they look great, and the quality seems excellent so far...couldn't be more pleased"

Keith B (Moline,IL)

"I am very pleased with these nerf bars. Installation was simple and took me about two hours. I recommend these!"

Lloyd L (Salem,OR)

"I just wanted to let you know that your bars saved my truck! The other day I was at the store and someone smashed into my truck and took off. If it weren't for the Steelcraft bars I had just put on, my vehicle would have gotten severely damaged. (I have attached images of the damaged bar.) I just wanted to email and say thank you for having such a protective side bar and thank you for the replacement bar you sent out. I will be recommending Steelcraft to all my friends and family!"

Jessica P (Lake Elsinore, CA)

"I originally bought the Aries 3" nerf bars for my double cab but the bolt pattern didn't match up with my truck and the steps sat too close to the frame of the truck to be useful as many of these cheaper sets do. I exchanged for these Steelcraft 4" oval bars and am far happier with them. They are not to close to the frame of my truck and look great"

Evalina D (Belton,MO)

"Love the look, love the functionality, love the protection!"

Michael R (Detroit, MI)

"These look great on my 2019 Chevy Colorado. All I have to say is thank you to the designers for making the brackets universal ! I put a set on my 2012 Colorado years ago (different company) and the brackets were marked wrong. I installed one side only to find them to be marked wrong. But no more with UNIVERSAL MOUNTS ! Installed in less than an hour"

Adam H (Gettysburg, PA)

"I bought the Steelcraft nerf bars for the looks and the ease of installation. Some of the nerf bars have caps on both ends, but the Steelcraft are complete stainless steel from head to toe. All the parts fit exactly as they were suppose to and the instructions were complete and easy to understand. I bought these as a Christmas present for my son to put on his Ridgeline and I was so impressed I ordered his birthday present which is the Bull Bar by Steelcraft. Hope it is as well built"

Michael W B (Oklahoma City, OK)

"The nerf bars shipped as promised, we're packaged very well to prevent damage and were very easy to install. The finished product is sturdy, looks good on my truck and has already protected my truck from damage on several occasions"

Graham D (Shelby, NC)

“Great nerf bars! I was doing a little off roading and lost control. The rock I hit damaged my nerf bars, but never touched the doors. That repair could have been a lot more than the $250 I spent on my bars. Thanks Steelcraft!”

Carl O (Paris, TX)

"I will be supporting this company and promoting yalls brand forever after my truck was hit head on, yes I have damage to my truck, but other truck that hit me is 110% totalled! Sadly, my bumper is also totalled lol. I have to replace my hood and driver fender is all. Eventually I'll be able to save up for a new HD bumper from yall. But the protection it gave my truck was absolutely remarkable! I hit a deer few weeks before the truck hit me and absolutely no damage to bumper, not even the paint. I wish other bumpers on the market were as strong as yalls. As you can see in pictures, the bumper is toast. But my truck will live on. Keep selling quality products!!!!"

Millwright Dad